Echipa Centrului Media

Prof. univ. dr. habil Elena Abrudan
Elena Abrudan is the chair of the Department of Journalism and Digital Media, director of the UBB Media Center and editor in chief of the scientific journal Studia Ephemerides since. She teaches the Visual Communication course since 2005. She graduated Letters with a thesis on The Mythical Structures in Contemporary Fiction. Her research interests include Narrative Journalism, Visual Culture, Online media production, Cultural management. She is a literary and an art critic.

Lect. univ. dr. Andrei Costina
Andrei Costina started teaching at the Journalism Department in 2007. Since 2009 has been a member of the permanent staff of the department. He graduated in the same institution and holds a master’s degree in journalism and recent history, as well as a PhD. in sociology (digital anthropology and virtual communities). He teaches classes oriented towards online journalism, new technologies in the media and the world wide web. His research interests include digital anthropology, social networks and communities that exist in the digital realm, as well as the development of journalism and media along with new technologies, the global digital era and social media.

Lect. univ. drd. Paul Boca
Lecturer Ph.D. Paul Boca has been teaching at the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences since 2012 and is part of the Department of Journalism and Digital Media since 2019. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from FSPAC and a master’s degree in Media Production from the same institution. He has earned a PhD in communication sciences in 2019, with a thesis on the production, distribution and consumption of TV series in the post-television era. His research interests include digital distribution systems for audiovisual content, digital genres and formats, user-generated content, digital fan communities and the film industry.

Asist. cercet. drd. Alexandra Ormenișan
Alexandra Ormenișan is a research assistant and a Ph.D. candidate at the Journalism and Digital Media Department. She graduated Journalism in 2014, and Media Production M.A. in 2016. She is currently developing a Ph.D. thesis about Ion Agârbiceanus journalistic activity. Her fields of interest are the video and audio production, along with the Romanian press history. Besides teaching seminars, her activities with the students include StudentPress (a website for students narrative productions), and different projects, such as INsPIrE Europe or EU Factcheck, by EJTA.

Drd. Loredana Bertișan

Asist. univ. drd. Alexandru Dorofte

Drd. Rémi Almodt